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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 09, 2013)
What happened to this guild?
(Mar 23, 2013)
I've culled the calendar
(Mar 13, 2013)
(Mar 13, 2013)
Where is the "New" consolidated raid calader then? EH? WHERE?
(Mar 11, 2013)
Badgers have a new collective noun: a cull.
(Mar 10, 2013)
BADGERS! You know it makes sense..
(Jan 08, 2013)
raid called till next week due to lack of signups
(Jan 01, 2013)
Well Happy New Year Everyone
(Dec 25, 2012)
merry xmas all x
(Dec 14, 2012)
(Nov 21, 2012)
Yo :)
(Nov 20, 2012)
(Aug 11, 2012)
have a nice trip Ville, bring back some pandas for all of us:)
(Aug 08, 2012)
Have a good trip :]
(Aug 07, 2012)
Leaving to China on saturday, will be away for next 4 weeks or so therefore. Meanwhile, all the best to everyone!
(Aug 04, 2012)
I'm prob going to order my computer next week but that week im at my grandmothers house so i wont be online until the monday after that.
(Jul 11, 2012)
no one is blaming kirsten, she has done a great job as gm in difficult circumstances. keep up the good work kirst :)
(Jul 08, 2012)
If someone is dumb enough to blame Kirst for something she havent done, you think that chat with you would solve something? I dont think so
(Jul 05, 2012)
Whatever the future brings Kirsten, be aware that no-one can blame you anything. Or, i will have a little chat with them ;)
(Jul 02, 2012)
Welcome back!