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Manakeep 728x90
(Nov 17, 2011)
My internet is gone by some weird reason hopefully fixed before the raid
(Nov 14, 2011)
Killing Rhyo, Major and Raggy on normal tonight at 9 server time. Be there if u wanna come :) monday night that is
(Nov 13, 2011)
Monday progress run cancelled due to lack of sign ups!
(Nov 11, 2011)
Spontaneus raid to clear till Lord Ryolith and possibly get a kill on HC shannox happening tonight, taking who ever is online and doable at 21.00
(Nov 10, 2011)
unless we get more signups tonight ill call it untill tomorrow due to me having a cold and fever and not the energy to deal with last minute arrangements
(Nov 08, 2011)
Nah, not yet. Still no electricity at home.
(Nov 08, 2011)
WB Kirsten :]
(Nov 08, 2011)
.Got home last night to find no electricity. Am desperately trying to find the right person to shout at, but till then, no WoW, no hot shower, and a fridge full of rotting food. Pissed off? You bet.
(Nov 07, 2011)
Spontaneous clean up FL run on tuesday 21;00, taking down Ragnaros only. No sign ups, I'll pick up the group from ppl who are online.
(Oct 21, 2011)
Monday's majordomo prog run looking for 1 badass dps (20k+)!
(Oct 21, 2011)
I suggest al read the Progress Do's and Don'ts
(Oct 19, 2011)
guys tell me again the ventrilo info ;p
(Oct 19, 2011)
missing 1 signup for tonights raid.
(Oct 19, 2011)
I will be on in a few days time, been at the hospital, apologies guys
(Oct 16, 2011)
More sign ups please for Raggy, casuals welcome if u didn't manage to get him down on the casual run
(Oct 16, 2011)
Oi ppl sign for the HC-prog the 19th
(Oct 14, 2011)
ye sure angel np
(Oct 14, 2011)
Carl mind swapping ur wensday the 19th for thursday the 20th =/ Gota get up early the 21'st so would be hard to plan the HC there
(Oct 12, 2011)
Wedensday raid up. gogo sign
(Oct 11, 2011)
I wanna raid on wens this week but it wont happen:P