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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 21, 2011)
Coming from Canada, but also made in China?
(Sep 21, 2011)
Well you dont get urs from canada
(Sep 21, 2011)
got my new headset :D
(Sep 20, 2011)
Ok I get my new headset in a month or 5 weeks
(Sep 15, 2011)
Need 2 dps for tomorrow!
(Sep 13, 2011)
Just a shout, i may be either late or not here for tonight's run!
(Sep 12, 2011)
Missing 1 dps/healer from tuesday Ragnaros!
(Sep 10, 2011)
Can't come BWD tonight, apolagies guys
(Sep 08, 2011)
Need 2 dps or 1 dps one healer for tonight.
(Sep 04, 2011)
Monday prog run missing 2 ppl still!
(Sep 04, 2011)
Think blizz is running out of ideas worgens get a mount and its a human mount with no saddle...
(Sep 04, 2011)
Oiii... Thanx loads for the invite :D im gunna log off soon cuz of ma shitty work tomorrow :P but feels really nice =) And give Liam (Riku) a fair chanse... He has the will but lacks the knowledge =)
(Sep 03, 2011)
I'm back home now, no need for further worries, at least not for now. :-)
(Sep 03, 2011)
What have now happend shade?
(Sep 03, 2011)
at hospital getting treatment, tentative for tonight's raid.
(Aug 31, 2011)
(Aug 31, 2011)
Need 2 more signs for tomorrow. All rolds welcome.
(Aug 31, 2011)
WoW time runs out on 3rd unsure on when getting renewed ill keep you posted
(Aug 28, 2011)
Game time is out for the moment fix more after school tomorrow
(Aug 22, 2011)
Hey guys, I've finally managed to collect all the materials for my thunderfury. I am going to finish the quest and kill thunderaan tonight before the raid ( I hope). If you wanna come please send me an message ingame or in the shoutbox. :)