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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 21, 2011)
Looking for one tank or one dps for monday's ragnaros run!
(Aug 18, 2011)
Friday's Ragnaros run missing 1 tank or DPS yet
(Aug 18, 2011)
Need 1 Dps for tonights raid. Sign up please
(Aug 18, 2011)
Need 1 Dps for tonights raid. Sign up please
(Aug 17, 2011)
Ragnaros run for friday up as well
(Aug 17, 2011)
Need signups for tomorrows raid :)
(Aug 13, 2011)
Computer has overheated.
(Aug 12, 2011)
Good job logging there Mick!
(Aug 04, 2011)
Need 2 sign up for tonights raid. Would pref 1 healer and 1 dps, but sign up anyways, i'll see what i can do :)
(Aug 02, 2011)
Modem hasn't arrived as planned, internet may still be down tomorrow depending on whether it arrives, please excuse me from any raid i miss if so.
(Aug 01, 2011)
Get my new modem on Tuesday, apparently this should stop any problems i have recently encountered.
(Jul 30, 2011)
Guys don't miss BoT farm tonight, and there's also rated BG action up for sunday!
(Jul 27, 2011)
Lacking 2 sign ups from thursday prog raid!
(Jul 26, 2011)
Tony is making alt/fun runs on Saturday, check these
(Jul 25, 2011)
are we going to have alt or just normal runs in BoT and BWD again or are we supposed to pug it now to get gear?
(Jul 24, 2011)
I just lost one ofmy best trinkets!!!!
(Jul 22, 2011)
Prog raid Monday, Trash Wednesday
(Jul 22, 2011)
instance servers still down. trying to log in after game crash.
(Jul 22, 2011)
Any chance of site EPGP update?