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Submitted on: Apr 21, 2013 at 04:25 PM
Race and Class
Human Death Knight
Your main spec?


Your off-spec?


Please clearly list your complete raiding experience to date:

Up to Zul'aman in TBC, everything including hardmodes in WOTLK, Full normal clear of the first tier, with 5/13 heroic, just LFR raids from when it was introduced.

What guilds have you been in previously and why did you leave them?

Message in Blood-Dentarg TBC, it fell apart. The Fourth Dimension-Balnazzar, migrated with some other guildies. Chilled-Silvermoon, which had very bad show-up for raids in the end so ome of us joined Genesis-Silvermoon. Sons of Anarchy-Wildhammer, I took a long break from WoW and most members left the server or game.

Why do you want to join Spectral Analysis?

Mainly to casually play with my cousin Chainheart. But also to be able to do a few raids, dungeons, challenge modes and everything else.

Are you normally available to raid on the following days?

Monday 830-1130pm server time, Wednesday 730-1030pm server time, Friday 8pm-11pm server time

What is your frames per second (fps) and ping (latency) in Stormwind?

60-90 fps and 30 ms.

What professions does your character have?

Engineering and enchanting.

Please provide a link to a screenshot of your current wow UI.

Pretty much just the standard UI with the necessary ones for raiding.

Please copy the WoW EU Armory link to your character below
Please list the names of all your alts below:

Do not have any at 90, but I have a level 85 shaman which used to be my main, called Suuperiorc on Stormscale.

What type of place are you applying for in the guild?

Progression Raiding, Casual Raiding, Social



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