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Submitted on: Feb 05, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Race and Class
Human Priest
Your main spec?


Your off-spec?


Please clearly list your complete raiding experience to date:

Did ICC back in Wrath (9/12) On Mysts I am 12/12 on LFR level. All as holy priest.

What guilds have you been in previously and why did you leave them?

I am currently in 'I need a target' which is a levelling guild

Why do you want to join Spectral Analysis?

I would like to do some raiding with a nice group of people.

Are you normally available to raid on the following days?

Monday 830-1130pm server time, Friday 8pm-11pm server time

What is your frames per second (fps) and ping (latency) in Stormwind?

Fps = 48, Latency = 24 ms

What professions does your character have?

Herbalism and Alchemy, but not properly trained.

Please provide a link to a screenshot of your current wow UI.

Sorry, I'm have no means of hosting anything right now. And I'm not about to register at shady websites to do that. I can upload one, or send one via instant messaging if it becomes necessary.

Please copy the WoW EU Armory link to your character below
Please list the names of all your alts below:

On Ravenhold: Yumei, Roells, Salvarius. On Wildhammer: Gerhild, Arma

What type of place are you applying for in the guild?

Progression Raiding, Casual Raiding



For clarity: Ravenhold is where I used to play back in BC and Wrath. Found my account hacked when I returned after being away for 1,5 years.
Decided to start on a different server where I wouldn't get ganked while leveling.

Thanks for the application. I've had a look at your character, and unfortunately, there's a lot of work to be done before you will be able to heal a raid.

At your item level, you will need as much spirit as you can get, 5.2k is quite low, and the other healers are saying things about 8k minimum. From my own experience with healing when I had 7.7k spirit, I used potions and every mana cooldown available, used frugal healing abilties, and still had no mana left at the end of an encounter. You could replace your intellect gems with pure spirit or spirit+intellect if the socket bonus is desirable. Pure haste can be replaced with spirit+haste. Enchant your chest with spirit too.

On the matter of enchanting, you have none. There are fairly inexpensive enchants that can be done on your gear that will vastly improve your healing. You can ignore the expensive Jade Spirit and intellect on bracers for now, it feels like a waste using those when you can expect upgrades.

Reforging is another issue, again, you have none. Reforge crit into spirit. Then reforge mastery into spirit. This will help you reach that 8k spirit breakpoint.

You have very little faction rep, and you shouldn't be ignoring factions that have some really good gear for priests. Work on Operation: Shieldwall and Shado-Pan as a priority, and farm your VP to cap each week.

Alchemy is a really good profession for raiding. Double duration for flasks is really nice, as well as the mixology stat bonus. Don't ignore your professions, they have some good benefits.

Like I said, there is a lot of work to be done on your character, you can do a lot more with gear the gear you already have. This may sound hard, but; you are nowhere near ready to heal a raid. I'm quite happy to accept you as a social member, and to help you sort your gear out, but it's going to take a lot of work from you. We have other people with minimal raiding experience that are raiding successfully with us, a willingness to listen and learn and take criticism will be important.

Your comments, please :)

- Kirsten
Thank you for your opinion and advice. I know I have a while to go before I can be of help. I would still like to be part of your guild as a social, if you'll have me. I feel I can get to where I want to be much faster there than in the guild I am in now.

I was planning to get the enchanting and reforging done after I had replaced most of my blue gear. And could't be bothered to level my professions before. I guess I'll have to change that.

Kind regards,


We all have the idea that it's not worth enchanting or reforging blue gear, but the truth is that it's at this level that you'll gain the most benefit from it. Only two enchants are expensive, the rest are cheap-as-dirt, and I don't mind doing that for you. One of the healers told me he could get you to 8k spirit, "no problem", so I may just leave you in his not-so-delicate hands. ;)

Other than that, you're more than welcome to join. Most guild members can invite you when you are ready.

- Kirsten

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